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Get a Golden Visa in Spain and discover what an investment can do for you and your family

The Golden Visa in Spain facilitates the entry of investment and talent in the country

On September 28th, 2013 the law in support of entrepreneurs and their internationalization came into effect. Finally, it was possible to get a concession of visas and residency authorizations for qualified immigrants. These concessions are issued under the Golden Visa.

The main aim of the law is to facilitate the entry of investment and talent, in order to promote the economic growth and create new jobs. Discover all the benefits and the requirements you need to fulfill in order to get a Golden Visa for Spain.

The benefits: What can Golden Visa do for you?

A lot of advantages for your close family:

✓ Enjoy the benefits of a qualified residency permit (permanent residence permit after 5 years and citizenship after 10 years)

✓ Your family and underage children get the permit at the same time, even if you are not married

✓ Live in the 25th more pacific country of the word, enjoying legal and civil security

✓ Travel without Visa to the 26 European Schengen countries

✓ Work in Spain without needing further authorizations

✓ No need to spend a minimum amount of time in Spain, so you can remain tax resident outside of Spain

Golden Visa Requirements:

✓ Being a holder of a valid identity document and a health insurance taken out with a Spanish company

✓ Background check.

✓ Sufficient funds to support the applicant and his family in Spain

✓ The document providing the proof of the investment

✓ Making a minimum investment of 500.000€ in Spain

Looking for the best investment that will provide you with a Golden Visa?

Among all the investments that you can make to get a Golden Visa in Spain, we suggest you to buy real state: a lifelong investment, suitable for personal use or for renting.


✓ Modern and stylish apartments in Pedralbes, the majestic and most exclusive Barcelona’s neighborhood

✓ Legal and financial advice. We make the process simple, so you can start benefiting of your investment outcome

✓ Sell your property after 5-10 years and recover the investment keeping your permanent residence permit

✓ Make the investment through a foreign company if you can prove that you own the majority of it

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