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Location – Property – Building

Street Bisbe Català is an exceptional location in Barcelona’s Pedralbes neighbourhood. A distinguished, spacious property, tremendously iconic and unique. Free-standing building with large windows and a southeast orientation to optimise sun exposure.

Just as Pedralbes is Barcelona’s most exclusive neighbourhood, One Pedralbes House is one of the most iconic buildings in Pedralbes. Its strategic location on street Bisbe Català 21–27, between the US Consulate General and the Cross of Pedralbes, is a mere 700 meters from the historic centre of Sarriá, home to an extensive range of shops, including a municipal market, restaurants and a host of other services. The area also offers a full range of healthcare, sports and educational facilities, from sports clubs to hospitals, through to schools and universities. It is extremely well connected and located just minutes from exits 9 and 10 of the Ronda de Dalt ring road, the Reina Elisenda FCG station and right in front of the Plaza de Pedralbes, which has a number of bus stops. It is a distinguished, greatly representative property in one of Barcelona’s exclusive residential districts that spans 2,600 m², complete with the residents’ housing and exclusive private sports facilities for them. The property is also walled in around its entire perimeter with close to 80 meters of walled façade on Calle Bisbe Català that provides security, luminosity and majesty to the building.

The complex is located, therefore, on a large, well-ventilated and airy plot, where a free-standing building has been constructed on only 32% of the total area, with 68% of the plot used for private gardens and community sports facilities.

The development features 20 exclusive, luxurious homes, distributed in a free-standing, rectangular building open on all four sides, where large windows open onto every façade for the optimal use of light and ventilation. The building has been placed on the property to ensure that each home has the best exposure to sunlight, with the main façade on Calle Bisbe Català facing south-east. The ground floor of the building has a large lobby designed with a number of environments to welcome visitors and is decorated with paintings by artist Ralph Bernabei. The design and exclusive construction of this residential complex is in line with the development’s characteristic trademark of high-quality, premium and durable materials.

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Homes – Home Automation – Garages and Storage

Three-, four- or five-bedroom homes, all with spacious terraces on the main, rear and side façades, and every amenity imaginable. Integrated next-generation home automation guarantees smart housing and sports facilities. Private garages and a large storage room for each home.

 The interior spaces have been distributed into two main areas, one for use during the day and the other for use at night, in order to optimise the use of the homes. Common auxiliary spaces like bathrooms and dressing rooms are located between the two main areas. The “day” area faces south-east and includes the living room, dining room and kitchen, while the bedrooms in the “night” area face north-east. This distribution provides both functional and sustainable benefits by enhancing the thermal and acoustic management of the different rooms.

 All homes open onto both the main and back façade. The five-bedroom apartments also have windows that open onto the lateral façade for optimal ventilation. This type of ventilation, known as cross-ventilation in eco-architecture, is crucial for the passive cooling of homes. All homes from the second to the top floor feature large terraces on both the main and back façade, with a lateral terrace off the five-bedroom apartments.

These luxury apartments in Barcelona are equipped with an integrated Konnex home automation (KNX) system, a commonly used network communications protocol that can be extended and modified at any time. It also complies with the requirements of the European (EN 50090) and International (ISO/IEC 14543) standards for building and home automation.

Each home has its own private garage in the basement that has an automatic door. Depending on the number of parking spaces available on each floor, the garages have three, four or five spaces, as well as a large 45-m² storage room for each apartment.

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Chill-Out – Sports Facility

Chill-Out is a space designed for enjoying one-of-a-kind moments. This exclusive, private 1,400-m² sports facility has a 25-meter swimming pool, gym, wellness area, saunas and regulation paddle tennis court.

One Pedralbes House also features Chill-Out, a community space where residents can create unforgettable memories. A privileged spot for celebrating a range of private and group events, where architecture, interior design and technology have played an important role. The architectural concept and design behind Chill-Out makes it possible to open the celebration to the outside; a large wall with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors connects the inside with the outdoor pool and sundeck for an event that takes advantage of Chill-Out’s interior and exterior space. This unique space features natural lighting, independent air conditioning and all the audiovisual equipment for putting on unique and unrepeatable events.

One Pedralbes House also has an unparalleled, modern 1,400-m² community sports facility designed exclusively for residents.

The sports facility provides a full range of outdoor activities: regulation paddle tennis court and outdoor swimming pool surrounded by a sundeck with sun loungers for sunbathing or simply relaxing. This magnificent facility also features an indoor gym complete with a multipurpose room for group activities or workouts with a personal trainer and a fitness area with a fully equipped weight room and a range of machines (cardio, strength, flexibility, exercise bikes, elliptical trainers and treadmills) for a full-body workout. A wellness and water area with a large spa. Dry and wet saunas. A 25-meter indoor swimming pool for doing laps. Relaxation area. Changing rooms with lockers for each home.

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Security – Services and Management

The most advanced systems control and monitor access to the residential complex 24 hours a day. Efficient management of all community services keeps costs to a minimum.

One Pedralbes House will have the most advanced and complex security systems on the market. It will provide a 24-hour-a-day surveillance service with access controls at several points throughout the development as well as the parking area, Chill-Out, sports facilities and entrances to the property. The concierge area will provide permanent surveillance services thanks to CCTV, motion and intrusion detectors, and an internal intercom system. This spectacular development of luxury apartments in Barcelona will also have additional concierge services designed to meet homeowners’ personal needs and requests to guarantee comfort, convenience and quality of life at One Pedralbes House.
To keep the maintenance costs of homes, parking structures, storage rooms, sports facilities and the Chill-Out to a minimum, we have carefully studied everything needed to keep this residential complex of luxury apartments running smoothly. We can provide clients with a quote detailing the community expenses for each type of home and thus guarantee the lowest maintenance costs with the maximum benefits.

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Types of Luxury Homes

A total of 20 luxury homes in a five-storey free-standing building, with two separate staircases and four homes on each floor, two per staircase landing. Three-, four- or five-bedroom apartments available.

One Pedralbes Home is a free-standing building open on all four sides with a main façade that faces south-east. The five-story building includes a ground floor with gardens and four additional floors. Each floor has four homes that can be accessed by two independent staircases. Three-, four- and five-bedroom apartments available. The 130-m2 three-bedroom apartments feature 26 m2 of terrace between the main and rear façades. The 200-m2 four-bedroom apartments feature 40 m2 of terrace between the main and rear façades. The 270-m2 five-bedroom apartments feature 40 m2 of terrace between the main, rear and side façades. The ground-floor apartments have large gardens with room for a private swimming pool.
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