CASA Group is a group of companies whose main activity is property development. With nearly 30 years of experience, CASA has carried out over 100 complete rehabilitation or new construction projects in Barcelona.

Its functions are specific to this activity: Acquisition of land and buildings, implementation of technical projects adapted to each farm, obtaining the corresponding licenses, construction or rehabilitation, marketing of finished products and after sales service. The company philosophy is the constant improvement in the working system, maximum professionalism, transparency and ethics in all our actions and, of course, meet the expectations of our customers above all. CASA Group is a member of the Catalan Association of Building Developers and Constructors (APCE).

Among the many actions carried out include:

Rehabilitation of building with 20 apartments on Str. Torres 26, rehabilitation of building with 54 apartments and 45 parking spaces on Str. Riereta 37, construction of single-family house on Str. Josep Canaleta (honorable mention by APCE Awards 1st prize 2005 Spain), construction of house with 111 apartments, 111 storage areas, 160 parking spaces and community area of 1000 m2 on Str. Banys 131, La Garriga (Awards finalist APCE Spain 2008).