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All about you are looking for. How could you get your Spain Golden Visa or Investor Visa in Spain and what investment should be?

Residency in Spain: Your Golden Visa Spain or Investor Visa in Spain

Golden Visa Spain and Investor Visa in Spain. The law 14/2013 implemented by the Spanish government on the 27th of September in 2013 gave a big opportunity to obtain Golden Visa Spain for non-EU citizens who are interested to invest either a substantial amount in Spanish debt securities, business or real estate or bring new business to Spain.

The main aim of the Spain Golden Visa is to promote the Spanish Economy and to support the creation of new jobs and the entry of new talent to Spain. 

For entrepreneurs and investors it is a good and quick route to obtaining a Spanish residency and a work permit.

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What are the benefits of obtaining the Golden Visa Spain?

  • If you get Investor Visa in Spain you can live in this country for one-year.
  • Two-year residence permit which is renewable for periods of 5 years if you really reside in Spain and as long as the investment is maintained*.
  • You can live and work in any part of Spain.
  • You can travel freely throughout Europe (Schengen).
  • This spain golden visa program allows the holder to request family regrouping including their spouse, children aged under 18 and adult dependent relatives carrying out their studies*.
  • After living ten years in Spain it is possible to gain a citizenship.

*Thanks to some key updates made in the law in 2015 you can apply directly for a residency permit (without making firstly Golden Visa Investor). Now direct ascendants and descendants of the investor will be allowed to obtain a residency permit, regardless of their age, thus enabling the wider family including parents and adult children to benefit from the Spanish golden visa program if they are dependent.. Unmarried, cohabiting couples also benefit from the law when they register under the Spanish “domestic partnership” Civil Registry, a rule which also applies to same sex couples.

Who can apply for a Golden Visa Spain or Investor Visa in Spain?

The Golden Visa Spain can be applied for by anyone who:

  • Invests at least 500.000 € in Spanish real estate**
  • Invests 2 million € in Spanish debts
  • Invests 1 million € Spanish companies (stocks)
  • Deposits 1 million € in a Spanish bank account
  • Is hired as a highly qualified professional by a company in Spain
  • Wants to do a business project considered to be of special economic interest.

**In the case of investment through the purchase of real estate, proof of the investment must be provided through a Property Registry certificate attesting ownership. You can buy some properties, a total investment should €500,000 minimum. The property can be mortgaged for any investment exceeding the minimum.

Are there other requirements for a Golden Visa Spain beyond investments?

  • being at least 18-years-old
  • having public or private health insurance by an insurance company authorized to operate in Spain
  • disposing of sufficient economic means to cover personal and family living expenses
  • not having been refused entry in any of the Schengen countries,
  • not having a criminal record in Spain nor the place of residence of the last 5 years
  • not having entered or stayed illegally in Spanish territory.

Summary about obtaining Golden Visa Spain

Your investment in the real estate Spain is the fastest way to get residency and a working permit in this country and it benefits all your family. The application process is very fast: 10 working days for Golden Visa Spain and 20 working days for residence permit.  The government fees are low. The process is very straightforward. It is that it is a very restrictive route to gaining citizenship and to have a second passport.

If you are interested please contact us to show you our offers in real estate to buy in Spain and organize a meeting with the good professional lawyers in Spain to clarify all your doubts.

Looking for the best investment that will provide you with a Golden Visa Spain?

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